The Passing Show
A Unit of Motif Interiors, Bangalore, India
Who Are We?
We are post graduate from IIT Mumbai with relevant academic background in Visual Communication and more than fifteen years of experience in handling Trade Fair Stall Display Assignments.

What is Special About Us?
Designs : We are the Most Innovative, Most Creative and Most Exclusive Designers in the field. Our designs add certain Dignity to the Corporate Image.

Experience : 15 years of experience in Design, Production and Installation of stalls.

Production : In-house Design, Production and Installation facilities.

Engineering Background : Our engineering background helps us in better understanding of your products, services and requirements. It also helps us to design a structurally well-built stall, with wider knowledge of materials.

"Even at the most powerful narrow interest conventions, four out of ten visitors visit less than 20% of the booths !"
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