The Passing Show
A Unit of Motif Interiors, Bangalore, India
We claim only The Passing Show takes a scientific and sophisticated approach towards Exhibit Design. The design of the booth interiors is influenced by three factors.

Factor - 1
We work with you to arrive at a single most important statement you want to communicate. Then every message inside the booth, color, display, and all the structures will be designed to communicate the same.
Factor - 2
Attention holding devices
When it comes to the design of the display and structures, we work with what we call as 'Attention Holding Devices'. We arrived these devices after a detailed and thorough analysis of the behaviour of the visitors in International Expos.

Factor - 3
Your Goals
Your prospecting goals, Awareness developmentgoals,
Positioning goals which you want to accomplish in the show influence the Design, especially the Layout your booth.
Usually one out of four people you spend your time with in the booth are waste contacts.
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